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What is it?

Throughout the years, kitchen parts get ruined easily, and beside that, tastes and perceptions of their owners rapidly change, influenced by new expectations and new products.

Second life kitchen philosophy consists in renovating the kitchen -  as well as other types of furnitures, like closets and bookcases - preserving the cabinets, in order to replace the old parts with new ones, like doors, hinges, accessories and many more.

Our purpose is to give our customers the opportunity to renovate their kitchen without completely replacing it.  It could be a full or a partial renovation, depending on kitchen's condition and customer's need.

By means of certified-quality products, custom made in Italy, we are able to fulfil the needs of customers with high-quality kitchen, or the desires of those who want to increase the aesthetic of their kitchens.


Remodel you kitchen with Second Life Kitchen and you will benefit of:

  • Free counseling from a Second Life Kitchen's representative
  • Unlimited customisation possibilities of materials and finishes.
  • Net saving of 50%, if compared to the purchase of a mid-range new kitchen.
  • Cut of time and costs for assembly and disassembly.
  • Opportunity to enhance the quality of the look and technical features of your kitchen.

How it works

Second Life Kitchen has established a network of professional consultants that can provide you the best solutions for your kitchen. It's a totally-free service based on 3 steps:

1- After your demand for an estimate- via our website or free phone number, one of our team will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours, presenting the request to the nearest expert.

2- The consultant will get in touch with you within the next 2 days in order to schedule  an appointment at your home or wherever the kitchen is located. In that moment, measures will be taken and some samples will be introduced to the customer. After his choice, a final clear estimate will be given to the customer.

3- Finally, if the customer decides for the renovation, the consultant will coordinate the instalment and taking apart processes with his team of professional assemblers.

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