The Company

Throughout the years, kitchen parts get ruined easily and also tastes and perceptions of their owners rapidly change, influenced by new expectations and offers.

Second Life Kitchen is a fresh and new project imagined and realised by a team of skilled and capable furniture designers, right from the hub of Italian kitchen manufacturing. Started in 2010, Second Life Kitchen has built and extended its network to the whole Italian territory, and it's now ready to look beyond the borders and to bring its products throughout Europe.

Second life kitchen philosophy consists in renovating the kitchen -  as well as other types of furnitures, like closets and bookcases - preserving the cabinets, in order to replace the old parts with the new ones, like doors, hinges, accessories and many more.
Our purpose is to give our customers the opportunity to renovate their kitchen without completely replacing it. Whether it is a full or just a partial renovation, depending on kitchen's condition, we can accommodate any customer's need.

We deal only certified top quality products, made in Italy, and we are therefore able to fulfil the needs of customers with high-quality kitchens, or the desires of those clients who want to increase the aesthetic or featuring elements of their kitchens.


Our mission is to design and realise full or partial remodelling by investing in quality and innovation and developing customised products that fully satisfy our clients' needs with high quality results and competitive prices.



We want everybody everywhere to have the opportunity to remodel and customise his environment optimising, at the same time, valuable resources like time and money.



The idea of giving "a second life" is, for Second Life Kitchen, the core drive to reach excellence: to imagine new ways of re-building spaces to make them gorgeous and more comfortable, by preserving the fundamental environmental resources that are used to make furnitures, is the key concept that builds our entire corporate philosophy.
The protection of the environment is one of our top priorities that influence our daily operations, hence, the responsible choice of using renewable and green-friendly materials.